Many Coloured Sky supports LGBTQI+ organisations and communities with capacity building, planning and project development, and empowers those at the margins of LGBTQI+ communities. Working in Australia and internationally, our current and proposed activities include:


Training and development programs for new, emerging and vulnerable LGBTQI+ groups and organisations

LGBTQI+ Visibility Projects and Digital Storytelling Activities in rural, disadvantaged and marginalised communities

Supporting Indigenous LGBTQI+ groups and communities to address isolation, suicide and self-harm

Activities to support LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers and promote LGBTQI+ awareness in newly arrived communities

LGBTQI+ Youth inclusion and empowerment activities, especially in rural and regional areas  


Capacity building and development support for LGBTQI+ organisations in the global South

A large project in the Philippines aimed at promoting the development of safe and inclusive environments and programs for LGBTQI+ young people and reducing discrimination, violence and harassment

Planning and development of activities with LGBTQI+ organisations and communities in Indonesia

Development and support of programs for HIV-positive LGBTQI+ people in West Timor